Scott Peat

Welcome! My name is Scott Peat, and I'm an actor and writer. Here's why you need to hire me:

I've landed several guest star roles on television, including NYPD Blue, Monk, and The District, as well as lead roles in film projects as varied as Transformers and an independent film called Framily.  My latest project, Dead Season, is a zombie-ass-kicking feature film recently released nationwide and distrbuted by IMAGE Entertainment.  In fact, as of November 21st 2012, it is the #2 most streamed film on Netflix.  Incidentally this was the first film to shoot on the island of Vieques since the original Lord of the Flies film in 1963, and I'd like to think it was worth the wait. Check out the trailer below:

Watch Dead Season on NETFLIX

Also check out my latest Theatrical Demo Reel:

In terms of commercial work, I've booked over 73 national commercials, including three currently runningThis Kingsford ad in particular was great to be a part of, and you can see it here:

Here's my Commercial Reel:

One of my favorite spots I shot (with Danica Patrick)

As a writer, I've completed over four feature film scripts and have optioned two of them.  I am currently in the process of writing a feature (with Brady Smith) called Guards.  It's the story of two brothers who move to Los Angeles to become stuntmen but soon find the years lost and are currently working as lifeguards in a nursing home.  The short film Resurgent--which I wrote and directed--debuted at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.  Check it out here:

That about covers it! Contact me if you need anything (that's code for Hire Me!), and thanks for checking me out!

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